Brad Bell

Brad started podcasting in 2010 when he and group of friends created the film review podcast: the confirmed epic podcast.  After years of working with friends he became an editor and podcast host at Geeks World Wide.  After over 100 podcast that included the capes podcast, confirmed epic podcast, the collection agency, and the pop-culture potluck podcast he decided it was time to target his podcasting passion toward his first geek love: TMNT.  He was a TMNT fan basically out of the womb, and that passion has stuck with him for 30 years.

At an early age Brad professed Donatello his favorite turtle, because everyone loves characters with sticks.  When he is not talking about the Green Machine Brad works just outside of Charlotte, NC as American History and AP Governemnt teacher.  His is married to his wife Abby who is an ICU/PICC nurse, they live with their 3 dogs: Sadie the Golden-doodle, and the beagles: Penney and Cookie.  Besides turtle power, Brad's passion include: comics, film, football, and hockey.

Twitter: @thereelbradbell

Jerry Reed

Jerry "BBQ17" Reed is the founder of, where he displays his love for the plastic versions of his favorite properties on a daily basis.  Besides being an avid collector, Jerry was also the co-host of both the confirmed epic podcast, as well as the collection agency podcast.  Jerry has kept his love of TMNT alive through his collecting, and has maintained Raphael as his favorite turtle since the Reagan administration.  

Kendall Hallman

Kendall comes to us as a podcasting veteran via the Audio Entropy podcast collective where he co-hosts the Beast Wars re-watch podcast: War and Beast.  He was introduced to the guys through his mutual love for another 90's nostalgia bomb: The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Kendall proclaims to remember all the nostalgia ridden buzz feed articles about TMNT, and at an early age chose the bro. with the Bo staff: Donatello as his favorite turtle, until Raphael resonated with him more as an adult.

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